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Supercritical solutions for chemical recycling

We believe supercritical solutions will put America on the path towards a sustainable future. That is why we are commercializing a clean, green energy technology platform based on the controlled use of supercritical water to selectively break giant molecules found in biomass and waste plastics into smaller useful fragments.

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Our team of engineers and physicists use patent-protected, extruder-driven hydrocyclotronic machinery to harness the power of supercritical water to selectively depolymerize a wide variety of biomass materials and end-of-life plastics into high-value green chemical products.

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These green chemical products include new plastics and chemicals, neodiesel and neonaphtha and lower carbon transportation fuels, and other petrol-based products such as waxes and lubricants, as well as a new type of bio-based wood glue that we call x-phenolic resin.

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Supercritical solutions for chemical recycling complement mechanical recycling and reduce the amount of useful materials that would otherwise be sent to landfills, giving us the potential to create jobs and contribute billions of dollars to the economy.

The economics of recycling

Our supercritical solutions are now projected to be integral components of all next-generation biorefineries and municipal recycling centers throughout the United States. According to the American Chemistry Council, investments in chemical recycling in 260 facilities across the country will lead to a stronger, more circular economy that could result in:

  • 38,500 new jobs supported by new advanced plastic recycling and recovery facilities.

  • $2.2 billion in annual payrolls.

  • $9.9 billion in U.S. economic output from new plastics recycling and recovery operations.

Recycled Plastic

The science behind it

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Is supercritical water the green future of chemical processing?


Xtrudx Technologies awarded US Patent for its Groundbreaking Supercritical Water Waste Plastics and Biomass Depolymerization Technology

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Reactions with supercritical water could play a key role In transforming recovered plastics into fuels through pyrolysis


Supercritical water to recycle plastics


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